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The Sun Also Shines at Night


Don’t you just love Tenimyu backstages?

Doble Kaji Masaki weon XDDDDD


The party don’t start till I walk in.

Dream Live 6th Shitenhouji A team’s fashion show: Haru-chan looking like a boss! >///<

Dios te bendiga

Because if you ask “What are you doing tomorrow?”
among the six members (of NEWS),
“Let’s have a meal together”

There may be two members who have work,
while some others may not be able to make it.
It’s hard to even gather the six of us.

But the tens of thousands of people here,
when you ask “What are you doing tomorrow?”,
many would answer “Ah, I’m going to NEWS concert”.

I’m really thankful for that.

Most favourite MC corner:
Winter Party Diamond concert (part 2)

23/? gifs of NEWS

Simplemente un blog que expresa mis gustos y pensamientos más oscuros(?)
►►Tengo un sentido del humor bastante ridículo ♡♡ si me sigues, no me odies
►Amo Tenimyu y al grupo de jpop NEWS
►Me encanta Rurouni Kenshin, Prince of Tennis, YYH, HxH y otras series de anime
►Soy fan de películas, James Franco, y cualquier actor saludable a mis ojos
►Me gustan  los libros, en especial los de Stephen King
►Mega fanática de los doramas japoneses, sobretodo de suspenso
 ►Y por último, tengo pensamientos pedófilos hacia varios famosos que me llevaran al infierno :)  ♥♥ 

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